Brick Pointing Kent

Brick Pointing Kent is a family run firm specialising in restoration of brickwork. We pride ourselves in knowledge and expertise built up over the years. With a broad knowledge of brickwork throughout the ages, here at JBS Brick Pointing in Kent, we are able to bring your brickwork back to its former glory.

Buildings go through different punishments over the years, whether it’s painting over, adding synthetic sealants, general lack of maintenance or simple weathering. Here at JBS Brick Cleaning Kent, we can give your tender brickwork the treatment needed to restore it to how it was originally intended and protect it from damage due to frost and damp.

If your brickwork has fractured or crumbling mortar, cracks in the mortar joints, loose bricks or stones, damp visible on the internal or external walls or damaged internal plasterwork then you need repointing.

We provide repointing in both cement based and lime-based mortar. When applying the mortar, we use the traditional hawk and trowel, enabling our specialists to force the new mortar into the joint to avoid leaving any voids which can compromise the integrity of the finished pointing. Once complete, the mortar can be shaped to the required finish

Dust-Free Mortar Raking

Removal of old pointing can be a dusty job, with our professional tools we are able to minimise the disruption, protecting the environment from the spreading of the dust as well as reducing the clean-up process.

This protection from dust also helps our skilled team to work more effectively, enabling them to apply themselves to the job and ensure the mortar raking-out is deep enough – joints not deep enough can fail in future winter frosts.

Brick Pointing Restoration Services

As part of our services, we are also able to offer full restoration packages, where we are able to remove, not only aged paint, but also years of carbon that has attached to your brickwork.

Cleaning your brickwork of paint, or re-pointing the brickwork, can reduce the occurrence of damp – we combine the best of modern day and traditional methods in order to bring your brickwork back to life.

At JBS we offer traditional services that include the use of lime pointing, turning and replacing of bricks, haired lime plastering on to laths and modern equivalents to lath and plaster walls.

To discuss your brick restoration needs, please call our professionals to discuss your options and arrange a quotation – call us on 07951 062 101

We offer free no obligation quotes, and for your piece of mind, have full public liability insurance.

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